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How it works

  • Upload your invoice in PDF, TIFF, JPG, or PNG format
  • Enjoy your free time while our AI engine processes the document
  • Typically, a single-page invoice is processed within 30 seconds
  • Processing over, you will see the form with the recognized values of invoice fields, see example
  • You can adjust the recognized values manually
  • Click "Download UBL" to download an XML file with your data in UBL format
  • Click “Upload new” to start processing new invoice
  • Register in the system to use it regularly

Registered users:

  • Can upload multiple documents at once
  • Can upload documents via email
  • Have access to the list of their processed documents


What is a UBL?

Did you know that bookkeeping software programs can communicate using a language called UBL?

UBL is an open XML dialect for electronic business. It stands for Unified Business Language. It's a language used to exchange business data and documents. UBL is an XML-based business language that can be used to exchange data and documents between software applications.

The UBL system of data exchange is becoming increasingly popular as it allows you to send and receive business documents electronically between accounting and bookkeeping software programs. Software makers have started to offer it as standard because governments now require accounting software to be UBL compliant. Once set up, exchanging documents is a highly automated process that requires very little effort at all.

If you’re like most small business owners, unless you are a CPA or accounting professional, this probably didn’t even register. But believe it or not, most bookkeeping software programs use the same language to communicate.

Unified Business Language is a language that exchanges data between bookkeeping software programs like Exact Online, Twinfield, Quickbooks, Sage 50c, JD Edwards, Navision, SAP and many other bookkeeping and accounting software all over the world. The data that is exchanged is data specific to accounting and financials in general.

If your bookkeeping software supports UBL you can use Procys to save a lot of time and money on processing your accounts payable.